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The best of the Bay Area for KQED fans: discover events hand-picked by our editors, sponsored listings, and more.

About KQED Events

Welcome to KQED Events, which is a combination of events presented and co-presented by KQED, happenings hand-picked by our editors of KQED programs, and sponsored listings. Our listings feature handy options to search (by date, location or category), syndicate, read on your mobile device and create your own custom RSS feed.

The listings are organized into multiple categories or types, many of which have different guidelines. Our editorial team will gladly review any submitted event but keep in mind that we get many more suggestions than we can publish. Inclusion in KQED Events is ultimately determined by our what our editors deem appropriate based on content congruency and space availability.

These categories are sponsorships and/or partnerships:

  • KQED Supporter: We list events from KQED underwriting sponsors. Find out how to become a sponsor.
  • Media Sponsored: We list local film/arts festivals sponsored by KQED. Do you have an event that you want KQED to sponsor? As part of our service to our community, KQED opens up its airwaves to help support other like-minded non-profit organizations promote their work. KQED's policy is to sponsor events that have direct tie-ins to our organization's work. Our principal sponsorships have been with film festivals and other organizations promoting independent filmmakers. We have also sponsored events that are concerned with radio, Internet content, and pre-school education. Due to the high-volume of requests we receive, we are not able to sponsor every event that is requested. Event sponsorship requests should be made at least three months in advance. No phone calls, please. All requests should be made by emailing Siouxsie Oki. Your event may be eligible to be promoted on radio as a public service announcement. Email: psa@kqed.org.

Our editorially selected calendars include:

  • QUEST: Science Event Picks: Our editors are looking for science-focused events that focus on any of the following nine topic areas: astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, environment, geology, health, physics and weather. To submit an event to this list, email quest@kqed.org.
  • Spark: Event Picks:
    Our editors are looking for art events (visual arts, music, performance, and multimedia) that pertain to subjects who have been featured on Spark and interesting art events that we might not have heard of. To submit an event to this list, email spark@kqed.org.
  • The Do List: Every Friday morning, KQED Public Radio airs The Do List, a look at the hottest tickets and most spectacular shows in Northern California. The events discussed on the program are listed here. We are currently not taking submissions for this category.
  • Food: We list events that are affordable and on the pulse of the Bay Area Food community. We are currently not taking submissions for this category.

For the categories that we are accepting submission for, we will only consider event submissions that contain the following:

  • Name of the event
  • The date and time
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Link to its official page

Also, let us know if you're organizing the event, or just a fan advocation for a particular event -- this will help us figure out how to verify the information.

Other important things to note:

  • By suggesting an event you agree to KQED's Terms of Service.
  • Again, we will only consider events that are open to the public and are local to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • If we do feature your event or tip, you may not be notified.
  • We will not consider ongoing events -- there must be an end date.
  • Media advisories and product launches as well as personal or partisan events will not be considered.
  • Limit your description to 100 words or less. Understand that your event description may be edited at the sole discretion of our calendar editors.
  • Only include information that you wish to be made public (ie listing personal email addresses or phone numbers are discouraged).
  • If you would like to submit your event to KQED Public Radio's Community Calendar, information can be found in our Radio section.
  • This is not a popularity contest. The number of submissions for one event will not impress our editors; in fact, if our editors are spammed they are likely to ignore the submissions. In short, do not send 100 of your co-hosts to suggest the same event.

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